Q: How fit do I need to be to start Karate?

You do not need to be fit at all. Tang Soo Do is about a relaxed, flowing body movement. Through continued training you'll be surprised how much fitter and more flexible you'll be after a few months worth of training! You will improve with every class.  (Please seek advice from a doctor before embarking upon any karate practice if you suffer from any condition which could be affected by exercise).

  Q: Is there any age limit. Am I too old to start doing karate?

We would recommend that the youngest age is 5 so the student can understand the need for discipline. We have had mature students who have been 60. Age should not put you off as we will work with you to your limits.

Q: What do I wear?

For your first lesson you will need nothing more than a T-shirt and loose fitting jogging bottoms. We go bare feet, so there is no need to worry about footwear. Most people like to start wearing their suit after around 4 weeks. Some students like to own their own safety equipment when sparring and this is compulsory when entering competitions. A mouth-guard, groin-guard and mitts are the basic requirement. Kids and even some of the adults use head-guards and shin protectors. This is for safety though and minimises risk of injury.

Q: What are the injury risks for Tang Soo Do?

Taught by a knowledgeable instructor it is very safe and the risk of injury is low. Injuries in Tang So Do tend to be quite minor often due to beginners being heavy handed in their blocking.  The best advice is if it hurts don't do it and bear in mind that there are no 100% safe sports - all sports have an element of danger.                  

Q: I have various injury problems ... can I still do Karate?

In principle, Tang Soo Do training strengthens the muscles of the body. If you have minor physical problems that may or may not interfere with your training ability, let your instructor know before training so that your safety and physical health is ensured. They will help and guide you to not cause aggravation to the injury.

 Q: Is it an expensive martial art / sport to practise?

The first lesson is free! There are no monthly subscriptions. We are a non profit organisation, so the lessons are reasonably priced. Compared to most sports, it is cheap to partake in. You only pay the lessons you attend!