For those of you who think you can't train at MPSK because you have a disability then please read the following from one of our students. We are all very proud of Sean who is an outstanding model student.




"My name is Sean Dixon. I am 24 years old and my hearing is impaired. I wear hearing aids which means sometimes I do not hear or understand when people talk to me. I train in Martial Arts at MPSK with my Master - Ian Parker. Please read my story of my journey so far"



"I had wanted to join a Martial Arts Centre for sometime. I visited a few Centres to see what they had to offer me. To be honest I never felt as if I was welcome or 'part of the team'. They never took the time to understand my needs and how passionate I could be about this wonderful art"

"My Father spoke to Master Parker and asked if it would be possible for me to come and train at MPSK. He got a very warm reponse from him and said that I would be welcome at the club. This gave confidence to my parents to bring me  to one of the classes. Of course I was nervous because I wasn't sure how I was going to be received, not only by Master Parker but the other students who train at these type of clubs. I went to my first lesson and was immediately put at ease by Master Parker who assured me that he would take his time with me so I could understand what was being said and shown. I have never felt so welcome as I had had so many knock backs before. I knew at this moment that I had made the right choice to train at MPSK. Master Parker came up with simple ways to communicate with me to help me understand. In grading my Mother is allowed to sign language the instructions to me which allows me to keep up with the rest of the team"

"I currently train 4 times a week and have met some fantastic people who are now my friends. Nothing is to much trouble for Master Parker and his team to help me. Everyone has the right to feel part of a team no matter what their disability is. Myself and my Family would like to personally thank Master Parker for his hard work and commitment in helping me get to this stage and giving me the confidence to 'step up and have a go'. I have gained so much confidence with people since joining"

"If you have a disability and feel the same as I used to then feel free to come and visit one of the lessons where I would be happy to speak to you about my experiences at this wonderful club and introduce you to Master Ian Parker"