Ian (Master Parker) is my brother and we have always been very close. When my son, Gerry was about eight years old he was being bullied at school because he was carrying some extra weight. I was at my wits end. Gerry was not a street-wise kid but a quiet and sensible boy who was liked by most of his class mates and teachers. Unfortunately others did not like what he had achieved and decided to verbally and physically bully him. It broke my heart to send him to school but he had to go. I told Ian about the problem that we had. He said “Linda, do you trust me?”. My answer was “Yes of course”. He told me to bring Gerry to the club. Ian made a promise to me that I’d see a different boy in time. I was initially cautious like most Mothers would be. I thought my son was getting enough ‘aggro’ at school without getting knocks and bumps at a martial arts school. Reluctantly I let him go………

 Within a few months I witnessed a new Gerry emerging not only able to face what was ahead, but he was getting fitter. The words from Ian kept going through my head, “Linda, do you trust me?”. I am so glad I decided to let him go. Even though I have watched Ian go through years of training with Master Lee to get to where he is today, you still have second thoughts when it’s your own child.

 Although it was hard at times Gerry persisted with his training and achieved his ultimate goal by taking his Black Belt. He has now set himself a new goal to achieve his Second Dan. I am very proud of him of his achievements.

 When you go into your child’s bedroom and see your son sitting on the bed crying and so distraught that he wants to end his life just because he is different to the bullies. At this moment your world falls apart. It breaks your heart in two. Ian gave him and me the strength to believe.

 Gerry said, “If your son or daughter is in the unfortunate position as I was, try Martial Arts. It makes you confident and teaches you respect. It also teaches you to respect people for who they are. It also teaches you to believe in yourself. Many people think that Martial Arts is nothing but trying to be ‘tough’. Sure it teaches you to defend yourself, but there is so much more as well and I am still learning!”

 I would like to say a massive thank you to my brother Master Ian Parker for helping to mould my son Gerry into the fine confident (but not too confident!) young man he is today. Gerry is a polite gentle giant. The journey to get his black belt was not easy, but he has done it with thanks to Ian and other members of the club. Special thanks to: Master Ian Parker, Master Chris Clarke, Jo and Tony Green, Alfie Tyson, Rayon Hepbum, Ryan Hibbert, Ashley Kidd, Amy Roberts……to name but a few!! Thank you again for pushing him and giving him the encouragement when he needed it.


Thank you Ian

Linda Harrison (sister)

Club Secretary