This is 'My Story' on my life in Martial Arts (so far!)


I hope you enjoy!



Why did you start martial arts?

"Both of my brothers used to fight all the while in the family home. My Mother decided that I needed to know how to fight and be able to defend myself. It was then suggested that I started Martial Arts"

At what age did you start?

"I started Martial Arts at the age of eight"

What initial art did you study and when did you move onto Tang Soo Do?

"I initially studied the arts of Kung Fu, Judo and studied these arts for about eight years. I then moved onto the art of Tang Soo Do"

Who were your idols at that time?

"I used to love coming home from school and watching films on BRUCE LEE and DAVID CARRIDINE. These films gave me inspiration to want to continue my journey in Martial Arts"

Who was your first Tang Soo Do Master?

"My first instructor was Yong-man Lee. I have great respect for my teacher. He was someone I could look up to and admire"

When and where did you start your first club?

"When Yong-man Lee moved away from Peterborough I trained at different clubs. From this I decided to set up my own club in 1990. This was in Bretton, Peterborough"

What did your Mother think of you doing Martial Arts?

"My Mother Ella made sure I had enough money for lessons and was very proud of my achievements. She regularly came and watched me when I became an instructor - she used to say that's my boy! She was so proud of what I had achieved until she passed over.  I am sure she still watches over me now. In return I have made a form in her honour. It is a very spiritual form called: YIAN LIN ELLA YOUNG (which means seeking the angel)"

Why did you change the name to Master Parker's Serial Kickers?

"The original name of the club was Parker's Tang Soo Do (Parker being the family surname). When we used to compete around the country our team name was 'Serial Kickers'. We decided in 2006 to change the name to 'Master Parker's Serial Kickers' to avoid any confusion! "

Why do you think the club is so successful?

"The club is a non-profit making which shows that I teach to pass on the art and not to make money. My students can only join if they have been recommended by an existing member. This keeps the club very exclusive and is renowned for being one of the best in the area. This has also given us him the ability to have a very competitive fighting team which travel nationwide and win many trophies. Ultimately the success is down to the determination of the students"

What is your proudest achievement?

"I have had many achievements throughout my career. On a personal level one of my proudest achievements is having opened one of the elite martial arts clubs in the area. This is not by luck - this is down to sheer hard work, determination and having the will to succeed. I am proud of all the students who turn up every week and train with as much enthusiasm as possible. We have had many achievements in competitions not only in the UK but Worldwide"

What was it like achieving the Pride of Peterborough award?

"It was a great honour to come in the top 3 of the 'Pride of Peterborough' award in 2006/2007 for being the 'Best Volunteer'. I would like to say a big thank you to everybody who voted for me"

How did you get involved with Judging?

"I was asked to start judging competitions and tournaments because of my knowledge of Martial Arts. In April 2006 I was made a Director of the KTBF (team GB). In September I was made up to the Southern Area Director. This was great honour"

When did you receive your Professorship?

"I received this in January 2006 in the Dominican Republic. I was presented with my Professorship for 'Service in Martial Arts' by Dr Mayle (head of WCOAA) in the closing ceremony Dominican Republic games"

What gives you the motivation to keep going?

"My students! Without them I would be nothing. I draw strength from their positive energy and their willingness to learn. It takes me back to when I was young when I wanted to be the best. I have also formed close relationships with other Masters and instructors from other clubs who regularly join my classes to give 'Master Sessions'. These people take time to help my students, which is very much appreciated. In return I help teach their students with unique techniques in my own style. I am always mindful to the fact that we are always learning. I would like to mention a few of the Masters and instructors who I admire and have massive respect for. These great people give me inspiration and the determination to keep going"

Master Jacqui Fisher, Master Laura Drayton, Alistair Banks, Master Dave Powell, Master Pete Wilkins, Master Mark Cooper, Master Terry Johnson, Master Shayne Varney, Master Malcolm Keith, Master Pete Holmes, Master Andy Sharpe, Sifu Ron Williamson (Team Canada), Paul Smith, Nigel Pleasance, Denise Simms, Tony Handley, Mo Malik, Shannon Parker, Allan Bell, Ian Bletchley, John Grant, Benny Moore, Paul Powroznik, Jane Hall (Lee) -  (to name a few!)

Who has helped you on this magnificent journey?

"My wife Dawn has been a tremendous help on my journey. I train students 5 nights a week! I don't know many wives who would allow that! My daughter, Shannon is also a student of the club and is currently a 3rd Dan. She trains extremely hard just like I did when I was her age. She is becoming very talented and is admired in the competitions for her creative forms from her competitors. My Sister, Linda, who is club secretary, gives me much valuable support and energy. She helps me look at the club with a different perspective. I value her honest opinions. Last, but not least is Chris Clarke. As you may be aware Chris has been with me for many years training with me and the students. He is an integral part of the team and is a very loyal student"

  I would like to thank the following who have also helped the club in so many ways 









ALL THE STUDENTS (and parents)

And anyone else who helps out at the club!